DESCRIPTION : GLADIATOR is a unique blend of eco friendly viricides and plant extracts that are known to have virucides properties. The presnt concept uprooting and destroying the virus affected plants is totally over ruled by GLADIATOR. Regular Sprayes on infected plants helps in taking 30-50%. Marketable crop from infected plants and checks the spread of virus in to healthy ones. GLADIATOR is preventive as well as curative in action. GLADIATOR has an anti-virus action and controls a wide array of viruses like leaf curl virus. Yellow mosaic virus, yellow vein virus, cabbaging virus and many more. These viruses cause stiffness, deafness, curling of leaves and stops the normal growth of the plant. GLADIATOR is an effective way to control these viruses and it can also be used to prevent their occurrence and spread in future through preventive application.

- Only anti virus in the world.
- Being herbal based there are no side effects.
- Controls wide range of viruses.
- Can be used for preventive and curative action
- Immediate results.

DOSE : 10 Gm/15 ltr of water.