Description :

INSTANT is a spreader / sticker manufactured by using Neem compounds. and hence is unique as compared to other conventional wetting agents, Neem is known to control various famous and insects. This gives an added benefit of optimising the pesticides efficacy due to Neem content.

Benefits :
- It is essentially non phytotoxic even at a higher concentration.
- With a low vapour pressure it reduces the evaporation losses of pesticides.
- It gives added natural benefits of Neem compounds to plants.
- It reduces pesticides photo decomposition.
- It enhances activities of fungicides and insecticides.
- It is compatible with all commonly used insecticides, acaricides and fungicides.
- While other wetting agents are drived from fossil reserves and chemicals, INSTANT is extracted from naturals crop which are a renewable source.
- Its translaminar action on many plants leaf sores haps in improving efficacy of pesticides with faster absorption and translocation.
- It improves the efficacy of pesticides by uniform and better courage on leaves and economizes the use of pesticides by avoiding wastage.

Foliar Application : (1:2000)

INSTANT must be diluted 100 ml / 200 ltrs of water. i.e. 0.5 / ltr of water, for regular application.