Features :
Flexible application window and low dosages : It is very flexible as far as time of application is concerned. It gives a high level of control against most annual grassy weeds from the two-leaf to mid-tillering stage at low dosages. Remarkably versatile : It is a versatile herbicide and can be used in all important broad–leaved crops. Broad-spectrum: It has a wide spectrum of activity and controls most of the important grassy weeds. Weed control independent of soil type: It is taken up via the green plant tissues of the weed and not via the roots. It thus works independently of soil type. Safe to succeeding crops: Since It is rapidly broken down in the soil there is no possibility of damage to either mono or dicotyledonous crops grown in the following season.

Target application : Soybean : 15–20 days after sowing when weeds are at 3-4 leaf stage. Rice : Apply 20-25 days after transplanting when weeds are in 4-5 leaf stage. Cotton: Apply 20-25 days after sowing. Blackgram : Apply 15-20 days of sowing when weeds are at 3-4 leaf stage. Onion : Apply when weeds are in 3-4 leaf stage. Knapsack sprayer fitted with flat fan nozzle is recommended.

Dosage : 30-40 ML PER PUMP

Packing : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr.