(2,4-D AMINE SALT 58% SL)

Features :
1. It is a selective herbicide effective against broad leaved weeds.
2. It is used as both pre emergence and post emergence application.

Target application : Sorghum, Maiz, Wheat, Potato, Non Crop area.

Control : Cyperus iria, Striga Phyllanthus Spp. Asphodelus tenuiflies, Trianthema portulacastrumm Parthenium Hysterophorus, Chenopodium album, Meliolotus alba, Partuluea olcracca, Amaranthus Spp.

Dosage : 350ml-1.8 Litres in 75-200 Litres of water / Acre

Packing : 400ml, 1 Ltr.