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  • Have you clearly seen the packet of the N.P.K. Powder form fertilizer available in the market ?
  • What is the actual content of N, P and K available in the powder form fertilizers (foliar grade) ?
  • D.A.P. is considered to have N and P in the ratio 18:46:00, do you know the actual content ?
  • Why is a N.P.K. bag of 50 kg containing 12-32-16 priced at Rs. 800/- bag (approx estimates) whereas N.P.K. bag of 50 kg containing 18:46:00 priced at Rs. 950/- bag (approx estimates) /


If you see a packet of any N:P:K fertilizer, let us say 19:19:19. on the back side content is mentioned. The contents mentioned shall be as follo us N = 19%, P2O5 = 19% and K2O = 19% if N = 19% P2O5 = 19% K2O = 19% Then P = ? and K = ?

Through conventional means it is made to believe that N, P and K content is 19:19:19 However when P2O5 = 19% Then actual P = 8.36% and when K2O = 19% then actual K = 15.77%. This means than a box claiming to have N:P:K 19:19:19 actually has N:P:K 19:8:15 the O5 or O molecules in P2O5 and K2O are oxides. which plants can never uptake and result in degradation of the Soil, rendering it useless in some years. The oxide content is harmful to the ecological system and to the soil as well. Below is the method for calculating the actual content of P in P2O5 and K in K2O for calculating P content in P2O5 . multiply the P2O5 % by the molecular weight of 0.44. If P2O5 is 19 then 19 X 0.44 = 8.36 i.e. P = 8.36% similarly If P2O5 is 52 then 52 X 0.44 = 22.88 i.e. P = 22.88% for calculating K content in K2O. multiply K2O by the molecular weight of 0.83. If K2O is 19 then 19 X 0.83 = 15.77 i.e. K = 15.77% similarly if K2O is 34 then 34 X 0.83 = 28.22 i.e. K = 28.22% in this way you can calculate the actual percentage of available P and K content in any foliar or drip grade fertilizer. important the percentage of N is constant i.e. N content is represented as N only and does not leaves other molecules attached to it.

For reference below are the actual percentages mentioned for some grade
1. mentioned on acre 19:19:19 Actual 19:8:15
2. mentioned on acre 0:52:34 Actual 0:22:28
3. mentioned on acre 12:61:00 Actual 12:26:00
4. mentioned on acre 13:00:45 Actual 13:00:37
5. mentioned on acre 0:00:50 Actual 00:00:41

For calculating the actual content of NPK available in D.A.P. 18:46:00 in case of soil applied fertilizers the percentages mentioned is the weight of N : P : K content per 100 kgs therefore 100 Kgs of D.A.P. contains N 18 : P2O5 46:00 i.e. a 50 Kg bag of D.A.P. Contains only N 9 and P2O5 23. Now if N =9 and P2O5 = 23 then actual content is N = 9 and P = 10.

Therefore 100 Kgs of 12-32-16 contains N 12 : P2O5 32 : K2O16 i.e. a 50 Kg bag of 12-32-16 contains on N6, P2O5 16 and K2O 8. then actual content is N = 6, P = 7 and K = 6.64. similarly you can calculate the actual content of other soil grade fertilizers. like SOP, MOP etc.
Important points to note : solubility : as mentioned on the packet the solubility percentage is mentioned as 56 gm / 100 ml of water at 40oc calceus. That means the product is only 56% soluble in 100 ml water at 40oc calceus temperature. and solubility decreases with lower temperatures.

as mentioned earlier the oxide content in powder form NPK fertilizers degrade the soil and makes the soil saline. it may be noticed that when NPK fertilizers is given through drip application. a white layer of saline deposit can be seen. This oxide thus makes the soil. saline and renders it unproductive in some years. it is very harmful to the eco system of the soil.