Product Info:
  • Name : SPYRIBAC
  • Category : HERBICIDES
  • Tech Name : BISPYRIBAC SODIUM 10% SC
  • Brand : SPYRIBAC
  • Dosage : 80ml/acre
  • Packing Size : 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml
  • Control : Echinochlo Crusgalli, Echinochlo Colonum, Ischaemumrugosum,Cyperusdifformis, Eclipta Alba,Ludwigiaparviflora, Moaochoriavaginalis, Alternantheraphiloxeroides, Sphenoclcea Zeylenica
  • Features : Spyribac Is a Selective, Systemic Post-Emergence Herbicide. Spyribac Is a Absorbed By Foliage And Roots. Spyribac Is a Effective Against Grasses, Sdges And Broad-Leaved Weeds, Especially Echinochloa Spp. In Direct Seeded Rice. Spyribac Also To Stunt Growth Of Weeds In Non-Crop Situations.