Product Info:
  • Name : AYUBAN-10
  • Category : INSECTICIDES
  • Tech Name : CHLORPYRIPHOS 10% GR
  • Brand : AYUBAN-10
  • Dosage : 4kg/acre
  • Packing Size : 1kg,5kg
  • Control : Stem Borer, Leaf Roller, Gall Midge.
  • Features : Ayuban-10 Is a Used To Control For Rice Insects. Ayuban-10 Is a Non-Systemic Insecticide With Contact, Stomach And Respiratory Action. Ayuban-10 Is a Works As a Cholinesterase Inhibitor. For Application In Rice 2-3 cm Standing Water Should Be Available In The Field Ayuban-10 Is Keep Water Impounded For 2-3 Days After Application And Incompatible With Alkaline Materials. Ayuban-10 Is Used To Control Coleopteran, Diptera, Homoptera And Lepidoptera In Sol On Foliage.