Product Info:
  • Name : AYUSTODIA
  • Category : FUNGICIDES
  • Tech Name : AZOXYSTROBIN-11% + TEBUCONAZOLE-18.3% SC
  • Brand : AYUSTODIYA
  • Dosage : 160 - 240 ml / Acre
  • Packing Size : 20ML,100ML,250ML,500ML,1LTR.
  • Features : AYUSTODIYA is a Broad spectrum fungicide which control many fungal diseases. AYUSTODIYA has a dual mode of action, hence it works at multiple stages of fungal development. AYUSTODIYA has very good preventive & curative properties, which provides flexibility & broad window of application. AYUSTODIYA can be applied preventively and to be repeated at 15 days interval depending upon prevailing weather conditions and disease pressur AYUSTODIYA is used to control of fruit rot, Die back and powdery mildew in chilli crop. AYUSTODIYA impacts positively on the physiological activity of the applied crop by improving the yield & quality of the produce thus fetching better price.